Stephen Hendel is the owner of Knitting Factory.

He is a billionaire who made his money trading oil commodities. He owns the Fela Kuti catalogue and has an odd fixation with the late Nigerian musician who was found to have married 27 women in one day. Hendel partnered with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, along with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to fund and produce Fela! The Musical.

Hendel has a history of hostile takeovers – Michael Dorf, founder of Knitting Factory in 1987 was forced to resign in 2002. Since that time, Dorf has enjoyed immense success – he went on to start City Winery which has grown, while KNITTING FACTORY HAS COLLAPSED.

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Why is Steve Hendel litigating creators who have track records of success and are having tremendous success with the INVESTMENT he made in Pappy + Harriet’s?

A. Because Hendel’s Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) business model is to prey on creative people with highly successful backgrounds that need capital. KFE did this to Michael Dorf, the creator of Knitting Factory. They attempted to do this with Mitchell Frank of Spaceland Presents (he had the foresight to only sell 49% stake). They did this to Phil Pirrone who created Desert Daze (he is now a non-controlling interest in his own brand but still takes the paycheck).

B. KFE is a cancerous company with little respect from the top echelon of the gate keepers of the music industry. If they were everything they say they are than Live Nation would have acquired KFE at the time they acquired Spaceland Presents – after all they would have gotten control of over 1000+ rooms in C markets (Boise and Spokane).

Why didn’t Live Nation acquire Knitting Factory Entertainment along with Spaceland Presents?

Because KFE is a toxic brand doing everything it can in the press to persuade people it is a reputable company – when in fact it is a sham company with small stakes in multiple other creators’ ventures. If the books don’t make sense, no one is going to pay a multiple – and this is clearly deficit financed by Hendel as a hobby to look like something more than a successful Wall Street commodities trader in a dirty industry, exploiting Africa.

In our current climate of #MeToo and accountability, why doesn’t Ruth Hendel, Steve Hendel’s wife, care that she’s making money off of abused, molested, raped and groomed young girls and women?

Ruth Hendel is a money-grubbing, has-been, wannabe theater producer who wants to be seen with celebrities. She is oblivious to, and shielded from the #MeToo movement. She’s the prototypical rich housewife who cares more about money to fuel her (and Stephen’s) lavish lifestyle than protecting other women.

Why are black celebrities like Fela’s fellow public Oscars slapper, Will Smith, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Beyonce and Jay Z investing with the Hendels to produce “Fela” on broadway?

Most likely they were paid by the Hendel’s to drive the press machine. Stephen calculated that two rich white people living in Westchester wasn’t a good PR look to make the production a financial success. This became a marketing cost. These celebrities were paid influencers.

Why does Ruth Hendel call her husband manic and crazy in the NY times (and he agrees)?

Because he is fucking crazy and unstable. He also admits it in this article:


“Knowing Steve as well as I do, I just knew that he would eventually realize what he would be trying to accomplish,” Mrs. Hendel said over dinner last month as a performance of “Fela!” played next door at the Eugene O’Neill Theater. “He’s just very determined and passionate about this music.”

“And crazy,” Mr. Hendel volunteered between bites of salmon.

Fela Kuti was publicly outed several years ago. Why are there no reparations for the children and women abused by Fela who had 27 “wives”

The Hendels still make money off of his estate and the music of his son, Fema Kuti. Fema constantly works off the blood money from his father and Knitting Factory. What reparations has Fema made? There are public websites selling tons of branded merch and music related to the “complicated” story which is Fela! On Broadway and making more blood money off the rape, molestation and abuse of children and women.

Here is Fela pictured with some of the 27 wives:

The Fela Kuti Collection, featured on a Knitting Factory Entertainment merchandise website:

Are there any other examples of Stephen Hendel bankrolling questionable entertainers?

Absolutely! Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, popularly known Seun Kuti (and son of Fela Kuti), was charged with slapping an inspector after driving dangerously on a bridge and deliberately blocking a moving police vehicle:

A Sabo-Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Thursday granted an application for an extension of remand of afrobeat singer Seun Kuti for additional four days.

Mr Kuti is charged with assaulting a police officer.

He allegedly committed the offence on May 13 on the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos State.

Read the full article: Court extends Seun Kuti’s remand by four days

Why does Hendel deal in African blood money and oil commodities?

A. He is an entitled, insulated, money grubbing raider with no concern for humanity or where his rich Westchester estate and life comes from.

B. Westchester is one of the 1-3 richest counties in the country (i.e.-the world).

What benefits do Stephen and Ruth Hendel gain from money laundering through KFE?

KFE is the operation that launders his oil commodities blood money. KFE is complicit in abuse, molestation, and multiple humans rights violations. So if Stephen Hendel washes his blood money with Fela, what role does Knitting Factory play?

Why do Knitting Factory and Hendel, who is majority owner, purport on their website to own and run so many venues and festivals that they either book, or have small stake, or merely own real estate?

This is smoke and mirrors to woo other genuine creators with false promises. Their latest is with an operator in NYC for the old Pyramid Club Space:

Notice how Founder of Library Bar and Cake Shop Nick Bodor makes it a point to say: “We negotiated a 15-year lease and are in for the long haul. Nothing is guaranteed, but I have a financial cushion for the first time. I am the creative here, but they will help with booking, too. Win-win. I’m also not setting up an Instagrammable corner — that’s always the model now, and that’s bullshit to me.”

Good luck Nick, you gonna get fu*ked!

Why is Stephen Hendel suing the Principles of Pappy and Harriet’s, who wholly got into the deal without anyone (including Hendel), funded the deal up until Hendel’s investment, negotiated the deal, transitioned the business from former owners in the midst of the pandemic, grew the business, and continued to expand the business?

Trying to overtake the one successful business they have recently invested in due to Knitting factory being lawfully terminated for breaching their talent agreement and attempting to book a music festival that would violate the venues Conditional Use Permit and cause the business to lose it and causing massive incalculable damages.

Why is knitting factory with its principle office in North Hollywood not registered to do business in California?

A. In order to shield the true nature of the venture – similar to Trump with his 4 million SPV’s

Why hasn’t the investment entity in Pappy + Harriet’s that was proclaimed to to be Stephen Hendel’s family fund (SOLELY – S&H Desert Depot – ironic name), HAS YET to register in California (it is a Delaware LLC)?

Exactly that – to shield the true ownership of S&H Desert Depot and any pending deals they were working.


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